It turns out the LA Rams were 3rd choice for Von Miller?

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /

It’s just a bit difficult for me to fathom that after winning the second Super Bowl in his career, all of the bold speeches about running it back with the LA Rams were just that, talk, for veteran outside linebacker Von Miller. Huh?  Yes, it turns out that he was just pumping the well for more money from the Dallas Cowboys. Hey, that is prerogative, for sure.  He can play where he wants and play for as much as he wants. But in the end . . .


Well, the cat is now out of the bag as the latest news about the veteran player is that the Dallas Cowboys were his top choice all along. If you recall, we gave everyone plenty of warning about the fact that he was eager to return to Texas on his next contract.

We even cited all his ties to Texas and the fact that he was dragging his heels on a decision to return to play on a longer-term contract with the Rams.

"“Von Miller has plenty of ties to Texas. He has a chicken ranch at Desoto, Tx, and he is a graduate of Texas A&M. It is pretty clear that someone is dragging their feet, and I’m willing to bet the slow-to-act party is not the LA Rams in this case.” – per LA Rams may lose Von Miller to Dallas. Prepare for plan B"

It turns out that we were closer to the bullseye than we realized. His first choice was the Dallas Cowboys, but for all his hemming and hawing, he could not persuade the Cowboys to ante up. So he signed on with the Buffalo Bills.

Must Read. LA Rams may lose Von Miller to Dallas. Prepare for plan B. light

Huh? Like, really? That makes no sense. And yet, sometimes fact is far stranger than fiction.

It doesn’t take an electron microscope to read between the lines on this one. If the decision to play for the next NFL team was based on sentiment? Von Miller chooses the Cowboys. With the decision based on money? Von Miller plays for the Buffalo Bills. If the decision of where to play on his next contract is based on loyalty?  Von Miller signs with the LA Rams.

But when he was traded to the Rams by the only team he had ever played for, the Denver Broncos, loyalty immediately fell to a distant third place. In the end, it was not the fact that the LA Rams lost Miller to the Bills that is the disappointing piece. It’s the fact that the LA Rams were truly never in the race, to begin with.

Lesson learned. One-year rentals can make special things happen, yes. But don’t mistake contractual obligation with sincere interest.

Bobby Wagner wanted to play for the LA Rams. It’s clear that Von Miller never really did.

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