LA Rams chances of re-signing Von Miller? ‘No I’m done, bro’

Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports /

When the LA Rams traded for the fading veteran outside linebacker, Von Miller, he seemed a bit unsettled when media suggested that playing alongside LA Rams great Aaron Donald might revitalize his career and renew NFL teams’ interest in signing him for the 2022 season. Miller quickly countered that with his own version, that his presence would draw double teams away from Aaron Donald and to himself, allowing Donald to become the terror of NFL quarterbacks.

In the end, the Aaron Donald effect proved to be the stronger force. Von Miller’s career was recharged. Huge contracts were offered to his agent, and he simply chose the deal with the most money, the most guaranteed money, and the longest terms.  Just as so many other defensive players had done in the LA Rams’ past.

But now, with the two players separated, it will be an intriguing yet controversial topic to follow going forward. Does Aaron Donald elevate the play of his teammates more? Or was Von Miller correct in claiming that his presence would be the more dangerous to opposing offensive coordinators?  We’ll find out in 2022.

‘No I’m done, bro’

This is back in the docket because Demarcus Ware is talking to Dallas News Cowboys’ reporter Calvin Watkins (subscription required) about his dream of the Dallas Cowboys landing Von Miller in free agency never came to fruition.

"“I remember when Von called me he said ‘Hey is Dallas interested? I’m a free agent.'” Ware said. “And I said, ‘What?! You’re a free agent, what do you mean you’re a free agent? I thought you had one more year?’ He was like, ‘No I’m done [with the Rams], bro.’ “He said ‘Call Jerry [Jones] and them and see what they want to do.’ I said ‘Are you trying to get them to empty the bank account? What you trying to do?'” – Demarcus Ware relating events as reported by Dallas News Calvin Watkins"

It’s one more slap in the face of the LA Rams, who per the Athletic (subscription required) offered more money per year than the Buffalo Bills, but only guaranteed two years and was only good for three seasons, that is not sitting well.

Rams News: This defense will be fine

Of course, the LA Rams are an NFL football team, and the NFL was, is, and will always be a business. But in the end, it seems as though the LA Rams never had a chance. This may or may not have been about more money. It may or may not have been more years. But right now it feels like the LA Rams were just a team that ended up with a distraught Von Miller who was reeling over the fact that the Denver Broncos up and traded him just like that, with no warning.

The LA Rams were just a team to rebound on, a place that was never in contention of being anything more than a part-season rental. That really does surprise me, because Miller added a special sauce, a unique fit to the Rams defense that felt as though it would be capable of glorious heights in 2022. After the Cowboys faltered to sign Von Miller, I truly expected him to return to the Rams’ defense.

The expected failed to take place. Von Miller never returned. But the unexpected happened. Inside linebacker Bobby Wagner joined this defense. And I believe that his stalwart play and military-like strategy will be an even better fit going forward.  Sure, I’ve written a couple of articles about Von Miller, but as the details of what really happened come to light, I feel it necessary to share them. Perhaps some readers will be just as surprised as I am. Perhaps not. Will I be focusing on Von Miller going forward?

Well, to borrow his own words.

No, I’m done, bro

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