LA Rams plan to pluck another W in New Orleans Superdome this year

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LA Rams schedule
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It’s a trap?

The game will be played on November 20, 2022, at 10:00 am PT, and is currently scheduled to be broadcast by Fox Sports. The biggest challenge for the LA Rams is that it screams trap game right now. The Rams face the Arizona Cardinals the previous week at SoFi Stadium, must face the Saints, and then must travel to face the Kansas City Chiefs the following week.

The Saints, even with quarterback struggles, finished a surprisingly strong 9-8 in 2021, and have every reason to expect to do as well this year. Despite losing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the playoffs, they continue to have a stranglehold on the Bucs in the regular season. They currently hold a seven-game winning streak against their lauded NFC South Divisional rivals and have yet to lose to quarterback Tom Brady in a Buccaneers uniform.

The Saints’ offense boasts the very versatile and dangerous Alvin Kamara, and while the overall offensive output was a bit disappointing, the team pared back turnovers by a phenomenal margin. The defense was as stout as ever and ranked among the NFL’s Top-Five in terms of points allowed.  Of course, they faced the NFC East and AFC East divisions in 2021, so it’s up for debate over how much was good defense and how much was lower-quality offenses.

Playoff repercussions

The LA Rams may not be as passionate about this game as the Saints, but this will be a vital contest. Since the New Orleans Saints have a legitimate shot at an NFC Playoff berth, the Rams must view this game with serious playoff implications.

Not only is the direct head-to-head competition in play for potential tie-breakers, but the Saints are an NFC opponent as well, another tie-breaker. And the Rams are not a lock on winning the NFC West Division this year, so every game is crucial to get them closer to a playoff berth.

Circle the date, fans. The game will be played on November 20, 2022, at 10:00 am PT. You can bet New Orleans Saints fans have had that date circled for months.

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