Having tasted success, LA Rams Cooper Kupp working harder than ever

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

One of the drawbacks of an NFL team realizing the ultimate NFL success is the fact that the players lose the eye of the tiger. But when it comes down to LA Rams wide receiver Cooper Kupp, the taste of success that he enjoyed throughout the 2021 NFL season seems to have made him that much more focused.

Is it possible for Rams WR Cooper Kupp to be hungrier this year?  I hate to sound foolish, but yes. I think it’s more than possible. in fact, I believe that it is truly likely.

That’s pretty shocking, to be honest. After all, this guy is not just coming off the type of season that most receivers only dream about. Kupp is sporting a brand new Super Bowl ring to flash in social gatherings. And his bank account is bursting from that fat new lucrative contract that he signed to extend him with the LA Rams for the foreseeable future.

But he never seems to bat an eye at any of this. He stays on track, the Steady-Freddy wide receiver who keeps his nose to the grindstone, keeps getting stronger, keeps getting smarter, and keeps getting wiser.

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Kupp’s versatility is huge for the Rams’ offense

What does that all mean when he hits the football field? He is a much more dangerous offensive weapon for the LA Rams, and that much harder to cover by defensive backs in opposing secondaries.

Kupp is just so good on the football field that it’s really difficult to compare him to other receivers. He has never been blessed with blazing speed. He is not the biggest guy on the football field. Nor is he anyone who will win a track meet. He’s just everything that the LA Rams need in a wide receiver.

Like what? We can get a picture of what that role is by understanding how the Minnesota Vikings plan to emulate Kupp’s role with their own wide receiver Justin Jefferson.  The breakdown of the LA Rams offense is solid in the video below.

That is pretty special. In essence, it’s clear that the LA Rams offense has borrowed some of the deceptive qualities of the former Brandon Staley defense, and design plays as though Cooper Kupp is the equivalent of a blocking tight end. Cooper Kupp has no hesitation in blocking defensive ends.

Cooper Kupp not only takes on the challenge, but he does so willingly.

Now, imagine Kupp as a stronger version of himself this year? The Rams’ passing offense flourished by throwing to Kupp in 2021. Look for that to continue as the Rams throw to a stronger receiver this year.

Another record-setter? I wouldn’t rule it out so quickly. The Rams’ offense is counting on more stability at the wide receiver position this year.  Kupp, Allen Robinson, and Van Jefferson all have solid chances at 1000+ yards seasons.  That’s not made-up homerism. That’s just how good this LA Rams offense will be in 2022.

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