6 ways to rank LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford. How do rank him?

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Matthew Stafford
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Can the LA Rams start training camp already? I miss the no-look passes, the effortless heaves of the football to end up 60+ yards downfield in the outstretched arms of a wide receiver in full stride, and the ability to line up and do it all over again. And again. Yes, I miss the heroics of LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

It’s the NFL silly season, that time of year when rookies can claim to be heading for an NFL career to be as good as or better than LA Rams All-Pro DL Aaron Donald, where LA Rams head coach Sean McVay is not among the Top-10 NFL head coaches, and SB-winning quarterback Matthew Stafford is not among the Top-5 NFL quarterbacks, despite winning the Super Bowl and being among the NFL’s Top-3 quarterbacks in practically every statistical category.

Comparisons are the bread and butter of the NFL offseason. It’s the time of year when NFL rookies who are still wearing name tags to help their coaches and teammates learn their names are projected as Top-3 players in positional rankings, when rookies are NFL Hall of Famers after a good season, and when the NFL heroes of yesteryear are still held in great reverence despite a huge downslide in their on-field performance.

But there are other ridiculous habits and narratives this time of year as well. There is that resistance to comprehending that players on new teams have new potential. LA Rams veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford was 0-3 in the NFL Playoffs before this past season. He is 4-0 with the LA Rams since arriving.

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So in keeping in the spirit of the NFL offseason time of silliness, here are some Matthew Stafford rankings and the NFL comparison that you may enjoy. Here we go: