6 ways to rank LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford. How do rank him?

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Matthew Stafford Rankings

1. Expensive Matthew Stafford – Aaron Rodgers

Matthew Stafford and Aaron Rodgers are both long-term NFL veterans. Curiously, both now have accomplished one Super Bowl victory in their NFL careers. Rodgers has thrown for 51,358 yards, 423 touchdowns, and 89 interceptions in his 17-season NFL career, all with the Green Bay Packers.  Stafford has thrown for 49,995 yards, 323 touchdowns, and 161 interceptions over his 13-season career. He has played 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions, and one season with the LA Rams.

Per NFL.com, Rodgers is averaging $50.272 million. Stafford admittedly left some money on the table, agreeing to take a bit less to allow the Rams to compensate other players. He is coming in at $40 million. That’s some savings.

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2. Actually Matthew Stafford – Matthew Stafford

The no-look passer has been a true blessing for the LA Rams. As we said in Alaska, he is ‘better than the brochure.’ Stafford is a fighter on the football field, a quarterback who continues to push the ball down the field despite tight coverage and completely forgetting past mistakes.

Stafford flirted with 5000 yards, catapulted WR Cooper Kupp to the NFL Triple-Crown for receivers, and was masterful at innovating and improvising on top of a very robust offensive playbook authored by LA Rams Head Coach Sean McVay.

3. Young Matthew Stafford – Patrick Mahomes

There has been a great deal of talk about Patrick Mahomes’ insane ability to complete passes from multiple platforms to streaking receivers. But we can add Matthew Stafford’s name to that shortlist now.

Stafford has been throwing from multiple platforms with multiple angles off-sequence for his entire career. Nobody took the time to notice because, well, he was not winning many games with the Detroit Lions. NFL analysts, pundits, and sportscasters tend to focus upon players and teams that win, and even with that being said, there is a bit of a bias that tends to prioritize the Dallas Cowboys first, East Coast NFL teams second, and all others third.

Mahomes has gone against the grain by simply being a sensational quarterback who has mastered the art of avoiding pressure long enough to find the open receiver downfield. Stafford is mastering that same ability in the LA Rams offense.