6 ways to rank LA Rams QB Matthew Stafford. How do rank him?

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4. LASIK Matthew Stafford – Bret Favre

There will always be that risk with Matthew Stafford in the pocket to that heart-breaking gaffe, the pick-six. It’s a heartbreaker because the occasions happen at the worst possible moments for the Rams to endure. Worst yet, they can happen in droves. In fact, Stafford has thrown three-plus pick-sixes seven times over the span of his career.

Only five NFL quarterbacks have thrown as many or more pick-sixes in their NFL careers. Of that group, former Vikings/Packers QB Bret Favre is the granddaddy of them all, having thrown 31 pick-sixes in his career.

It’s the risk of hiring a gunslinger to play under center. They will make great throws. But sometimes, you just have to shake your head in silence.

5. I don’t know where to rank this Matthew Stafford – Jared Goff

The fates of Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff will forever be linked, thanks to the trade that exchanged starting quarterbacks between the LA Rams and the Detroit Lions. While Goff plateaued in the LA Rams offense, he was running the McVay offense that tried to put training wheels on the offense so that he wouldn’t fall down.

He fell anyways.

Stafford arrived to the Rams offense, already schooled in his own capabilities from the school of hard knocks, the same home-schooling that Goff is being educated at in Detroit now. After the Lions signed former Rams WR Josh Reynolds, Goff won three of his last four starts for the Lions. Goff may be turning the corner.

6. Old Matthew Stafford – Tom Brady

Tom Brady jumped to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after playing 20 seasons with the New England Patriots and promptly proceeded to win a Super Bowl with his new team in the first year of playing in their offense.

The following year, Matthew Stafford jumped to the LA Rams after playing 12 seasons with the Detroit Lions and promptly proceeded to win a Super Bowl with his new team in the first year of playing in the Rams offense.

Uncanny coincidence.

Stafford was right on the heels of Brady all season as the best NFL quarterback performances were tracked. Brady played all 17 regular-season contests to the buzzer. The Rams pulled Stafford in the fourth quarter of two games that devolved into complete routs.

Stafford will continue to be the passer who will remain in Brady’s neighborhood in 2022 as well.

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