4 LA Rams players who will make plenty of noise in 2022

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LA Rams roster Kyren Williams
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I – RB Kyren Williams

While he has not been getting work, I am still of the opinion that the LA Rams will be leaning upon the powerful running of Kyren Williams before the end of the 2022 NFL season. He was the lone player who the LA Rams deliberately traded up to ensure that the team would be in a position to draft him.

While he is recovering from an untimely foot injury, Williams is the type of running back who can be installed gradually into the LA Rams offense. He was slated to be boot-free by mid June. By this time, he is likely working on building strength in his leg, and working to recover his flexibility and use of his foot.

He is projected to be ready to play for the full 2022 NFL season

Too good to redshirt

Williams offers the ability to run with authority between the tackles, to break out to the perimeter with bursts of surprising speed, and can even be used very effectively as a receiver.  When he is on the football field, there is no way to determine what the LA Rams may be planning, because he does everything so well.

It’s that receiver role out of the backfield option that is so very intriguing in the LA Rams current offense. Williams is a solid pass blocker, capable of stopping blitzing defensive backs or linebackers in their tracks. But if no one is breaking loose, he can easily slide through the line of scrimmage into an open part of the field where QB Matthew Stafford can find him.

Williams is just too promising to redshirt this year.

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