Decobie Durant already has LA Rams DC Raheem Morris’ attention

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

The LA Rams certainly have added quite a number of talented defensive backs to their roster. Despite entering the 2022 NFL Draft with limited picks, the team did not limit the number of players added in the hopes of bolstering their secondary. On the contrary, the LA Rams front office seemed even more determined than ever to find players who would not only help down the road but who could come in and help out now.

And so far, the LA Rams believe that they were successful when they were able to draft Decobie Durant, a.k.a. ‘Cobie, in the fourth round.  So what about this young man who warranted a selection with one of the Rams’ best picks?

Versatility, and a complete lack of fear.

Let’s talk about what he brings to the LA Rams defense.

Pick 142: CB Decobie Durant

For starters, his relative athletic score, or RAS, is curious. While he is among the smaller defensive backs, notice how his pure speed is graded as ‘elite.’ With so many NFL teams grabbing small but remarkably fast receivers, the LA Rams front office is counterpunching by grabbing one of the fastest defensive backs from the 2022 NFL Draft in the quest to have a defensive back in the slot to handle the speedy receivers.

But that presumes that he will make the roster, doesn’t it? Well, he is incredibly versatile, he has played in almost every position in his football career: Including quarterback and wide receiver. And he loves playing football. Passion and versatility can go a long way in the NFL.

But he needs more to make it with the LA Rams. After all, he is training with All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey. And when you are training with the best in the business, you have to bring your A-game every day.

The trick for any young man is to capture and hold the attention of LA Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris. And you can bet that the savvy defensive savant Morris is well aware of what an opportunity he has right now:

"“This is the best time to get those kinds of guys, right, the guys in the shorts. You get those guys out there that can run around, and you get those guys, you can really evaluate the movement, you can evaluate ball skills, you can evaluate a lot more than you can from the people up front. So it’s been really fun watching those guys compete and go at it, and it’s been really fun watching the evaluations of (general manager) Les (Snead) and his staff, and our coaching staff, all come to fruition. – Rams DC Raheem Morris as quoted by Rams staff writer, Stu Jackson"

And so, the LA Rams training camp starts once more right where it left off a year ago. Young men playing their hearts out and trying to earn a spot on the LA Rams roster.

But former South Carolina State DB Decobie Durant may have the right idea. He fears nothing, not even Raheem Morris. And that, more than anything else, may end up being exactly what grabs the defensive coordinator’s attention.

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