LA Rams culture incubates chemistry

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Are the LA Rams ahead of their time? Well, there is plenty of evidence to support that conclusion. The LA Rams have been at the forefront of trading first-round draft picks for established game-changing veteran players. Now? Eight NFL teams in the 2022 NFL Draft did not make a selection on Day 1.

Just a short time ago, the LA Rams were accused of being an NFL embarrassment for the team’s willingness to trade picks. Now, having won Super Bowl LVI, they are simply part of the latest NFL trend. So what else is their innovative incubation chamber coming up with?

Let’s focus on something a bit more basic: Collaboration. Communication. Improvisation. Innovation. You may expect to hear these words cited as keys to a successful Fortune 500 company. Well, the LA Rams have learned to infuse these words into their culture.  Simply put, the team faced overwhelming adversity in 2021, and it was only by engaging in each challenge with high levels of collaboration, communication, improvisation, and innovation, that the team was able to succeed.

It’s part of the story shared by Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford.

There will always be challenges in life. But things come at you fast in the NFL. Sometimes things change far more rapidly. Adversity can rise up from one game to the next., from one quarter in the game to the next, and from one play to the next.

It is on those occasions that the team, and the players, must rise above the playbook and take their fortune into their own hands. It won’t work for many players. But with Matthew Stafford, a collaborative culture is exactly what he needs in order to flourish, and what helped to create such incredible chemistry between himself and Cooper Kupp.

Look for more chemistry between the QB and WR this year, as well as great chemistry between Matthew Stafford and newly acquire WR Allen Robinson.

The LA Rams are learning how to win. Better yet, they are building great chemistry in the process.

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