There’s something about LA Rams All-Pro LB Bobby Wagner

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LA Rams Roster Bobby Wagner
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Restoring an All-Pro to past glory

Morris arrived, and fixing the middle of the LA Rams defense was the top priority on his list.

The LA Rams defense has an All-Pro player at all three levels now, and that is not just a gathering of aging veterans who are in some form of an NFL assisted living residence. They all have years of sage wisdom, and can still move the needle.

Aaron Donald places fear into opposing quarterbacks. Jalen Ramsey shuts down the opposing wide receivers. And now? Bobby Wagner will be there to drop opposing running backs like a sack of potatoes. After all, it’s what he’s been doing for the past 10 seasons for the Seattle Seahawks.

But let’s be quite clear. Bobby Wagner did not come to the LA Rams to talk about his past. So much the better, because we won’t hesitate to point out just how incredible his career has been to this point. Just check out these highlights:

That’s quite a resume, isn’t it?

The LA Rams have never had that type of player at inside linebacker during head coach Sean McVay’s tenure. But the team has had incredible defensive talent, with only temporary success. Why only temporary?

Well, players line up next to or behind All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald, put up incredible numbers, and are then lured away with a high-paying contract. The latest was none other than veteran outside linebacker Von Miller, who parlayed less than six months with the LA Rams defense into a six-year $120 million deal with the Buffalo Bills.