Coach Henderson breaking down LA Rams #DAWGWORK

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LA Rams News Coach Eric Henderson
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DAWG: Discipline, Attitude, Work Ethic, Grit

We frequently refer to the LA Rams defensive line as #DAWGWORK, a phrase inspired by the Rams Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson. But have we ever truly broken down the term before, and explained why it is one of the most important mantras that has led to the success of this team?

Well, if we have failed to do so, here is a remedy. We will take the time to break down the team, why each is so very important to the defensive line and this team, and why this coach and this philosophy harmonize so well with the LA Rams defense. And it’s a strategy that seems to be working.

For starters, let’s look at the LA Rams defensive line roster. More specifically, let’s look at the range of skill sets of the players on the Rams’ defensive line. It’s a group of professional players who all exhibit these traits: Discipline, Attitude, Work Ethic, and Grit.

Wait a minute? Where is the mention of height? Weight? Power? The ability to stalk and bring down quarterbacks? Those qualities don’t really apply here. How so? Well, that is true because this is not a system that is designed to create NFL stars at the expense of others solely shouldering the burden of the less glamorous work.

This is about creating a defensive line unit that is willing to sacrifice on any given play so that a teammate can make the tackle. It’s a system that calls upon DL Aaron Donald to willingly take on a triple team at the line of scrimmage so that A’Shawn Robinson or Greg Gaines can make the play.

It’s the NFL version of the Three Muskateers: “All for one, and one for all!