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Making it about the team

Coach Henderson can tap into that basic and fundamental common ground because he is not some chalkboard theorist. Rather, he’s the best defensive line coach in the NFL for good reason, he’s been there and knows what it takes.

But it’s more than just lip service. A coach like Eric Henderson has shrewdly established the strength of his unit by establishing the strength of a group. Tying player loyalty to each other early is not an easy thing to establish.

He takes everyone who plays the defensive line position back to square one with OTAs and training camp. Veterans will get a refresher, while rookies will be getting new information. But the secret to it all is that they get it simultaneously.  That not only places everyone at the same place but encourages mentoring of savvy veterans to help the younger guys along to keep pace.

Motivating teamwork is not an easy task. If you have ever been forced to work in a group at your place of employment, or been forced into chit-chatting small talk and parties or gatherings, you know that chemistry is not an easy thing to create instantly.

But Henderson is more than a defensive line coach or a football coach for that matter. He is a gifted communicator, a source of powerful positive energy that is more about empowering players who are entrusted to him than simply a guy who barks orders on the practice field and makes players redo drills over and over again.

Coach Henny puts compassion into the players’ passion. And his unit begins to care about the quality of their performance, and about each other, as much as their coach does. You simply can’t bullshit your way in the NFL. You either have it or you don’t. Coach Henderson is the best at what he does because he cares about the players, their performance, and his opportunity to help them discover the best versions of themselves.

In Coach Henny’s world, it’s not about the players making him look good. It’s all about his role in making them look good. And the LA Rams players not only look good, but they make him look great in the process. Best of all? Coach Henny deserves every accolade.

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