Who will step up on the LA Rams defensive line in 2022?

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LA Rams Roster Bobby Brown
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II – Bobby Brown III

The LA Rams drafted defensive lineman Bobby Brown III to a lot of buzz and hype, but he has been a slow simmer on the back burner for the Rams so far. The hard-hitting terror from Texas has quite a bit going for him. And therein lies the rub. He’s had a taste of collegiate success, and with it comes the desire to play for applause.

Brown is as hard-working on the defensive line as anyone.  His upside is tremendous. But the taller the tower, the wider the foundation. Right now, Brown is working to build that wide and solid foundation that will help carry him to his ultimate potential. And that has taken some time.

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Rams redshirted rookie

Of course, he is only entering his second season, and the LA Rams are well-known for redshirting younger players regardless of their collegiate stature. Right now, Brown is still working on his consistency, his strength, and perfecting his technique. When will he see the light of day on the Rams football field? Well, I’d look for the guy to have an outstanding preseason, and to launch his bid at playing time from that.

I’m not discouraged by Brown’s relatively minor amount of playing time so far. Sebastian Joseph-Day did not see the football field until his second season. Greg Gaines played 183 defensive snaps in his rookie season. Both players have become very good NFL starters in their own time. I’m actually encouraged by the slow and deliberate progress he is making. That seems to be a natural and organic timeline, rather than a fast-paced toss onto the football field to see how he handles the pace and pressure.

Look for Brown to earn more and more playing time as the season advances. And look for him to start getting to the quarterback as he does.