What to look for at the onset of LA Rams training camp

Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: John McCoy-USA TODAY Sports /
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Calling all LA Rams. Training camp will begin on July 23, 2022, at the University of California at Irvine, California. It’s a chance to reset the depth chart, for rookies to impress the coaching staff and for veterans to step up and show the mastery of the playbook and techniques that have eluded them in previous attempts.

But for fans? It’s the reminder that another season of NFL football is just around the corner. Another summer is one month old, which means that the fall sports season is just rising on the horizon. Like the dawn of a new day, professional football is coming back with all of its glory. And this year, it comes with an added bonus.

The LA Rams are the defending NFL Champions. But that means relatively nothing to the coaches and the players. This is a new team. A bit older? A bit wiser? Perhaps. But certainly a bit more battle-hardened. This is no longer an organization that believes in itself. This is an organization that knows it can reach the summit of the NFL.

We had previewed the goals for this training camp a month ago. Let’s revisit what the 2022 LA Rams training camp will focus on:

The fun part of training camp is the fact that fans can see all of the new players on the team firsthand, and the image of seeing veteran inside linebacker Bobby Wagner and wide receiver Allen Robinson will no doubt prompt all types of picture-taking and impromptu videos to capture the thrill of their Rams debut.

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While training camp has an element of marketing the team and building suspense and emotion among the LA Rams fanbase, there is the matter of preparing the team for a new NFL season. What’s on this year’s training camp punch list? Let’s revisit some goals for the team’s training camp sessions this year.