What to look for at the onset of LA Rams training camp

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II – Creating quarterback pressure

With the LA Rams reconfiguring the defense, the biggest question mark in the minds of many is how will this defense get to the quarterback? Well, the most obvious answer is clear: All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald will get to the quarterback. Other obvious answers are that OLB Leonard Floyd, DL A’Shawn Robinson, and DL Greg Gaines will have a say in pressuring opposing pocket passers.

But defensive coordinator Raheem Morris is a savvy and innovative defensive coordinator in his own right. We witnessed that in how he was able to dial up incredible defenses that were clearly a strength of this team in the NFL Playoffs.  Now the question is, what new tricks does Morris have up his sleeve?

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Well, he has an ace up his sleeve in Bobby Wagner. Let’s make that a pair of aces in Wagner and his talented understudy Ernest Jones. With the pair of solid inside linebackers patrolling the middle of the defense, the team can flex coverages in such a way as to allow the team to send both outside linebackers after the quarterback. Or, send one or both of the middle linebackers after the quarterback, and in the process, free up Aaron Donald.

But the LA Rams will not depend on blitz packages to get to the quarterback. The team has a rather impressive if a relatively unknown number of edge rushers behind Leonard Floyd on the roster. Justin Hollins, Terrell Lewis, Chris Garrett, plus rookies Daniel Hardy, Braydon Thomas, Keir Thomas, and Benton Whitley.

There will be opportunities for each player, but roster slots for the best and most determined. That’s the thrill of training camp.