LA Rams: How will the NFC West Division stack up at season’s end?

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Sleepless in Seattle

What can you say about the Seattle Seahawks? Long gone are the days when the Pacific Northwest was where you’d find the champions of the NFC West and regular contenders for the Super Bowl.

This year, the NFL season will be something of a yawn as Pete Carroll and his team will struggle without the services of veteran quarterback Russell Wilson in 2022. He was traded to the Denver Broncos for a package of players and picks who the Seahawks hope will fast-track their rebuilding efforts.

The Seahawks decided not to add a highly regarded quarterback that allows you to compete in a competitive division like the NFC West. Instead, they will cast their fortunes on the upcoming draft, and let quarterbacks Drew Lock and Geno Smith battle for the right to start this year.

The LA Rams won’t have to worry about Seattle this season, and probably not in the immediate future. The Seahawks have a long road ahead as they look to remake an offense that can generate some noise.

While they had opportunities to pursue the likes of veteran Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield or even San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, as some rumors insist, they appear to be content with riding it out this upcoming season.

The Seahawks will go with either quarterback Geno Smith or Drew Lock. Neither quarterback inspires a great deal of confidence or fear in their opponents. They likely won’t excite the fanbase very much, particularly since fans are used to cheering for a winner in the Seahawks.

The Rams will likely get a couple of wins in their competition with the Seahawks this year. Additionally, Seattle can get used to a lot of losses on their schedule in 2022.

Regular Season Prediction: 4-13