And Best Championship Performance goes to LA Rams WR Cooper Kupp

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Hollywood California is the movie-making capital of the world. But it’s also parked in the backyard of the LA Rams, the current reigning Super Bowl Champion team.  The impact of the LA Rams is beginning to bleed over into high-quality cinematic videos to commemorate significant moments in the LA Rams season, so it only makes sense for a bit of Hollywood red carpet glitz and glamour to bleed over to the LA Rams, and the NFL in general.

Tonight, that happens as well, as it’s the evening for the stars to come out across all professional sports. It’s the night of the ESPYs awards. That moment when sports figures across the globe are acknowledged for their contribution to their sport, but also to their performances in entertaining fans as well.

It’s the culmination of dramatic moments, big stages, of championships, decided in that one moment. It’s that review of the greatest moments in sports history distilled into the handful of performances and video clips that will be featured throughout the event.

And it’s the arrival of those athletes, family members, and celebrity supporters who arrive to the red carpet to the thrill of fans and television audiences.

And the first award to note? Well, you may recognize him. He is that young man who graduated from Eastern Washington University. None other than LA Rams wide receiver, Cooper Kupp.

How many LA Rams will win awards tonight? Cooper Kupp has already claimed one, as he tells you from backstage.

It may not be scores and game footage, but it’s not Madden either. Congratulations, Cooper Kupp!

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