3 reasons to love the latest QB signing for the LA Rams

Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports /
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Okay, so by now you know that the LA Rams have signed a new quarterback. His name is Luis Perez, and he was actually a former LA Rams While adding anyone at this late stage of the game is not a roster move that will likely yield a starter or rotational player when the team gets set to play their home opener against the Buffalo Bills. But there are several reasons to love this signing.

For starters, there is always a bit of elation with the arrival of a new player to the LA Rams roster. Well, for most of us. The novelty of a new and unknown player unlocks the imagination, and more often than not, the first thoughts and images that form are positive ones.

Of course, there are always chances of a new player introducing a new play or concept. After all, quarterbacks are the engine that drives the offense. Each quarterback is the resident expert for the offense that they play on. That is only natural since they are the primary ball handler on each and every play.

It also explains why the LA Rams took so much time to teach their offense to veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford at the start of the 2021 training camp.  But more than the chance of adding some new wrinkle to the offense, there are solid reasons why this signing is a very good thing for the team. Here are some of those reasons:

Reason III – He is most like Stafford than the others

Matthew Stafford is a 6-foot-3 pocket passer. Both John Wolford and Bryce Perkins are mobile quarterbacks. I’m not here to lobby over one style being better than the other. But I will point out that if your starting quarterback is 6-foot-3 and stays in the pocket, then you would be wise to add another pocket passer who is willing to do the same.

Much of the LA Rams offense is well-planned, almost like a Broadway musical choreographs their dance numbers. Wide receivers need to hit their marks, and quarterbacks need to hit those receivers in stride.

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So many variables affect a football’s trajectory to the receiver. Of course, some of the influencing factors come with the weather or field conditions. But the football is affected by the height, position, thrown angle, and motion of the quarterback. So having a quarterback in the backfield who resembles the starter is a good way to ensure that the practice sessions simulate game conditions.