3 reasons to love the latest QB signing for the LA Rams

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LA Rams Roster Matthew Stafford
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Reason II – One more arm to help manage the workload

There are multiple reasons why the LA Rams needed one more quarterback on this roster. To begin the discussion, we know that veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford is likely on some level of workload management with the LA Rams offense throughout training camp. Whether or not that is the official report, it is for all practical purposes the way the Rams will run training camp.

It makes sense after all. Not only do the Rams not want to overwork Stafford in training camp, but the team wants to avoid the injury to soft tissue that comes with fatigue. We know that after the NFL season, Stafford will be nursing a laundry list of minor injuries that will need to heal up. The team is simply trying to minimize the length of that list.

But there is more to manage than positional drills and the practice field. As it stands, we know that the LA Rams will not be allowing QB Matthew Stafford to compete in the preseason. Due to his value at running the scouting team and his primary backup role, the team will likely not play QB John Wolford either. That only leaves Bryce Perkins to handle the workload through three preseason games, without a viable Plan B.

Perez not only becomes that Plan B, but he is a second horse to hitch to the preseason wagon as well. That will allow the Rams to mete out Perkins to specific quarters or moments in preseason games, and then switch him out for Perez to absorb the remaining game minutes. |

It’s the best of both worlds for the Rams and Perez. Perez has an opportunity to practice and play football with the defending NFL Champions, and the LA Rams have the chance to roster the winningest USFL quarterback, who just so happens to be a former player, and get him to play meaningful minutes.