3 reasons to love the latest QB signing for the LA Rams

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Reason I – Pocket passer gives offensive line better simulation

One of the goals of any NFL training camp is to simulate the NFL season. Two of the units on any NFL team that is most in need of getting down their communication, timing, and synchronization are the defensive secondary and the offensive line.

The defensive secondary needs to develop that instant communication to assign ad hoc which receiver will be handled by which defensive back. While that is more readily handled in zone coverage, there is still a need to communicate handoffs when multiple receivers flood a zone.

But for the offensive line, the linemen must be aware of their blocking assignments in front of them, and the location of the quarterback behind them. That task is made pretty simple with a pocket passer. But if they are protecting a mobile quarterback, offensive linemen oftentimes have no clue where the quarterback is located. As the pocket collapses, that often translates into an offensive lineman pushing a pass rusher into the path of the scrambling quarterback.


Well, to be fair, that is what offensive linemen are supposed to do. Even as pass rushers break containment, pass blockers are trained to reengage and force the rushing defender around the perimeter of the passing pocket. But if the quarterback has moved, that pocket is now vacant, and the pass rusher spots the quarterback far more quickly than the blocker.

Since Stafford is almost at no risk of pulling the ball down and running for a first down, Perez gives the offensive linemen more opportunity to work at protecting a stationary quarterback.z

LA Rams sign USFL star QB just as training camp opens. light. Trending