FMIA: LA Rams acquiring veteran ILB Bobby Wagner is a big deal

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

One of the key questions that the LA Rams hope to answer this season is whether or not the team can make productive use of veteran inside linebacker Bobby Wagner this year. While Wagner may not be at the prime of his career, the Rams proved that they possess a secret sauce that acts like a fountain of youth for NFL veteran players.

Veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford and outside linebacker Von Miller both rejuvenated their careers by playing for the LA Rams in 2021. Now, the LA Rams are hopeful that their magic fountain of youth elixir works on Bobby Wagner as well.

Football Morning in America asks just how big of a deal is adding veteran Bobby Wagner to this defense. They answer with a simple ‘a very big deal.’ But let’s elaborate on that a bit more.

FMIA believes that playing behind Aaron Donald and in front of his family and friends is a brand new level of incentive to motivate Wagner. But will he need it? This guy sounds like the epitome of a professional athlete. Just check him out on the video below, starting on or about the 6:00 mark.  He already sounds like a veteran who has been working with the team for weeks.

The LA Rams defense has a new leader. Bobby Wagner will be calling the defense. Not only will that be a huge positive for the team, but it will allow both Ernest Jones and Jordan Fuller, two players who wore the green dot in 2021, to settle in and just play their roles, and focus on what they need to do.

We’ll have plenty of reports from training camp over Bobby Wagner, and I expect them to be a continuous stream of positive news and reports.   The LA Rams training camp has begun, and it’s taking a good step forward already.

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