Don’t look for the LA Rams to enter sweepstakes for these 49ers players

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams are the NFL trade market’s version of the Red Cross’s blood supply of 0-negative. In short, the Rams are the universal donor, the NFL team that, based on their willingness to trade for vital players to fill a positional need on the Rams’ roster, are presumed to be standing by their telephones eager to engage in trade talks or to sign almost any NFL player who is waived.

The Rams are unlikely to be adding any recognizable names to their roster just yet. The coaches are too busy scheming for the upcoming 2022 NFL season, and the team has yet to get its arms around what veteran inside linebacker Bobby Wagner and wide receiver Allen Robinson add to the team.

As if that were not enough, the team is welcoming back around a dozen or so young players whose seasons were completely derailed in 2021. Now, familiar with the team and the city, they are storming back to catch up in training camp. We’re talking about a small army of young players too, from RB Xavier Jones to WR/TE Jacob Harris to WR Tutu Atwell to DB Robert Rochell and everyone in between.

The LA Rams are led by elite veterans. But the majority of this team’s roster is made up of young men who are still learning, still developing, and still oh-so-very hungry. They are the backbone of the Rams’ resiliency this year, as the team’s offseason maneuvers appeared to take returning young players into consideration as the front office restocked the Rams roster.

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But the rival San Francisco 49ers are making roster moves as well. Well, releasing players it seems. So the preliminary assumption right now is that the Rams will be in the mix for one or both of the recent Niners releases. But let’s look at each: