LA Rams HC Sean McVay still talking getting OBJ ‘back at some point’

Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl 56 Cincinnati Bengals Vs La Rams
Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl 56 Cincinnati Bengals Vs La Rams /

Amid the LA Rams’ uncertainty over their wide receiver position, they remain poised to make the call, meet the asking price, and sign WR Odell Beckham Jr. And yet, they talk about it. They continue to name him frequently. But then? Nothing happens.

Uncertainty? Sure, the Rams receiver room is packed full of young prospects. But the team’s starting trio was always going to be Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, and Van Jefferson. Sure, that fourth wide receiver spot was up for grabs, and the team would have a hard time sorting this roster down to the 53-man when that time comes. Sure, the Rams projected starting trio of receivers could each end this season with over 1000 yards apiece.

This roster is solid.

Still, there is a reason why the LA Rams continue to tip their cap to the star wide receiver from the 2021 NFL season. And that is? They want him back. Right now, the coaching staff may even be changing their minds about Odell Beckham Jr.  They may no longer feel that they want him back. Right now, the coaches may believe that they need him back.

The LA Rams are clearly turning their attention to Odell Beckham Jr. once more. I don’t think this has ever been a question of IF OBJ is coming back, but when.

The frequency and urgency of messaging to OBJ are increasing.

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You can sort out the timing, the money, and when it makes sense for the LA Rams and Odell Beckham Jr. to sign on the dotted line. But right now, two NFL teams are out of the running (the New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns), 29 NFL teams have incredibly tough sells to lure Odell Beckham Jr. to their team, and one NFL team loves OBJ and OBJ loves one NFL team.

This has never been about a guy in the vault, a dalliance of will they or won’t they type of cat and mouse. The LA Rams want Odell Beckham Jr. on this roster, and with the current injury to Van Jefferson, that desire is undoubtedly getting expressed among coaches and front office personnel.

There is an optimal point when the money, the rehabbing, the NFL roster rules, and the team’s need reach their optimal intersection. To be truthful, if OBJ were cleared to play now, the LA Rams would have already signed him.

Is there room on this offense for four starting-caliber receivers? If we assume that the LA Rams offense will throw 700 times in 2022, how does that break down? Too optimistic? Probably. after all, the numbers likely assume that all four players are optimized and have only minor absences. B

We already know that OBJ will miss nearly half of the season.

Player                                    Targets    Comp     Yards       TDs
Cooper Kupp                          150          114        1,440       13
Allen Robinson                      120            80         1,020       10
Van Jefferson                           95            63          1,008         7
(Proj) Odell Beckham Jr.       100           75          1,050      11
All others                                 240         151             755         4
Totals                                        705         483         5,273      45

This exercise was less about proving some Jedi ability to foresee the future, and more about showcasing just how much room there is in the offense to harness the playmaking ability of four solid receivers. Far fetched? Last year at this time, I made a bold prediction about Matthew Stafford’s likelihood to set a single-season franchise record and was scoffed at.

This year’s offense feels much smoother.

Do the LA Rams need OBJ back on this roster? To repeat as Super Bowl winners, I think yes. And the more I see and read about LA Rams head coach Sean McVay’s comments? I think he does too.

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