4 major observations from Matthew Stafford’s Rams training camp (so far)

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Observation II: Chemistry with Cooper Kupp Continues

The fact is that Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp are solid complements to each other was apparent throughout the 2021 NFL season. Almost immediately, Stafford and Kupp realized that they saw defenses through the same lens, and were reacting to what they saw in a similar fashion.

It happened organically, instinctively. It was not something that either player could have practiced. Two players either have that connection, or they do not. They had it in 2021. From what we are seeing in the early days of the Rams 2022 training camp, they have it again this year.

And veteran quarterback Matthew Stafford knows it. He even made a Freudian slip in the interview below, referring to Cooper Kupp as “Calvin”, his former teammate Calvin Johnson, the wide receiver who still holds the single-season receiving yards in the NFL.  Cooper Kupp is now a holder of the second-most receiving yards.

Will that mean that Stafford and Kupp will connect for 2000+ yards this season?  I’m not of that opinion, because the Rams have a pretty formidable receiving group this year. But the go-to guy for Stafford will remain teammate, Cooper Kupp, this year.

That is not to say that it won’t happen. I simply believe that this offense will simply have too many mouths to feed to focus on Kupp throughout the year.  Who? Well, that’s the next observation.