4 major observations from Matthew Stafford’s Rams training camp (so far)

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LA Rams Camp Allen Robinson
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Observation I: Stafford To Robinson is exciting to watch

The LA Rams have a surprise in store for the NFL this year. This Matthew Stafford to Allen Robinson is a very real, exciting, and solid connection that will only get better over time. What makes this pairing so good?

Where Cooper Kupp delivers the best strategy and tactics to Stafford, and Von Jefferson delivers the best deep threat, Allen Robinson delivers the in-your-face threading the needle target that Matthew Stafford has known and loved since his rookie season with the Detroit Lions.

Stafford loves to take chances. Kupp is so very good at creating separation that he is an incredibly easy target to find and hit. Jefferson’s speed either blows off the secondary’s coverage or the defense guesses correctly and has him defended with a deep safety over the top.

Robinson offers neither option. Instead, he is the ‘aware’ receiver who can catch a fade, jump ball, or between defenders type of pass that is simply undefendable if thrown correctly. Stafford loves to throw those passes and does so virtually perfectly every time.

And then when defensive backs show up? He is just as dead-on accurate.

Robinson is incredibly excited and motivated in this LA Rams offense. He has always had the talent. But like so many NFL players, the talent becomes begrudging work when it fails to find success year after year.

Allen Robinson knows that he is a difference-maker on this team, and has already shown a level of commitment to perfecting his craft with the Rams that has pleasantly shocked both coaches and teammates. How good will Robinson be this year for the Rams?  I’d say grab him if you can on your Fantasy Football team if you can good.

It’s early in training camp, but that is a pretty good summary of what we know about the LA Rams’ starting quarterback Matthew Stafford so far.

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