LA Rams leapfrog Patriots and are closing in on Cowboys

Mandatory Credit:Syndication The Enquirer
Mandatory Credit:Syndication The Enquirer /

What a difference a year makes. Well, a year that includes a Super Bowl LVI victory for the LA Rams, that is. After all, this is still a team transitioning from moving back from St. Louis Missouri to Los Angeles California. Not only that, but the team has taken on a roommate, the LA Chargers, as the new SoFi Stadium is the most amazing football stadium in the NFL, and certainly one that deserves to be occupied every NFL week.

But the LA Rams are winning over the fans. More fans mean more revenue. More revenue means more value. So it is no surprise that the LA Rams were the top NFL team in terms of appreciating value. Well, tied for the top.

Two NFL teams appreciated by 26 percent in the past year. The LA Rams and the Las Vegas Raiders both topped out the entire NFL by appreciating the most in the past year per  The Raiders leapfrogged up two spots to end at 15. The LA Rams leapfrogged over the New England Patriots to the number two spot, and are closing in on the Dallas Cowboys.

Just one year ago, the LA Rams were valued at $4.68 billion and were the third-ranked NFL team. This year, the team is valued at $5.91 billion, and the difference between the Rams and the first-place Dallas Cowboys has shrunk to less than $2.0 billion (currently estimated at $1.73 billion). If the Rams continue their rate of growth, they will close to less than $1.0 billion off the mark of the Cowboys at this time next year.

Of course, the NFL is a savvy business and has fanned the flames of the Rams’ phenomenal growth by opening up four new international markets for the team, the most international markets opened for any NFL team.

If the LA Rams claim another Super Bowl victory this year, they will be on their way to the most valuable NFL team.

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