LA Rams Stafford to Kupp: Changing the NFL’s future

Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports /

After coming oh-so-close to setting the NFL All-Time Single Season receiving yards record in their first and only season playing in the same offense, LA Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford and wide receiver Cooper Kupp are out to prove they are no one-hit wonder. And for my money, I’d pay particular attention to their ability to gain yards.

Few quarterback-wide receiver tandems have been so electrifying, in synch, and very productive, in their entire NFL careers. But the Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp occured in just one season in the LA Rams offense. One lone season. Let’s recap:

In that one season, Cooper Kupp amasses 1,947 receiving yards (2nd), 145 receptions (2nd), and 16th receiving touchdowns (15th).  That is not for the Rams franchise, that is the NFL All-Time Single Season Receiver records ranking.  In just their first year competing together on the same team.

What will this duo do for an encore? Well, if training camp is any indication:

Then, the LA Rams connection between Matthew Stafford and Cooper Kupp remains

filthy effective.

And so, the LA Rams’ second training camp for quarterback Matthew Stafford is a bit more promising for the team’s upcoming season. If the pair of both Stafford and Kupp hook up for nearly 2000 yards in their first season (and far more if you factor in the post-season), then the duo’s second season campaign ought to be more effective right?

That is the belief held by the Minnesota Vikings, as they have reprogrammed WR Justin Jefferson into a role that is remarkably plagiarized from the role that was pioneered by Cooper Kupp. While that is likely due to the Vikings grafting former LA Rams offensive coordinator Kevin O’Conner to their team, that is not the only sighting of the Rams’ plays appearing in NFL training camps.

Now, the New England Patriots, a team that has long adopted the most innovative concepts, has begun to resemble the Rams’ offense as well. It’s clear that any team that adopts the Rams’ offensive principles with any measure of success will simply line up teams to hire away Rams positional coaches next year.

What about the upcoming 2022 NFL season for the Rams? I don’t know if the pair will surpass their 2021 performance. But they have already begun to change the course of the NFL’s future.

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