LA Rams cut TE Kyle Markway, add WR Austin Trammel

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LA Rams Roster Austin Trammel
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What is there not to like about Trammel

A player who is signed with a month to go before the season opener is unlikely to make enough positive impressions to knock any of the projected rotational receivers out of their slot.

Trammel is 5-foot-10 and 185-pounds, so he is not an oversized receiver who can get the jump balls. And he is not lightning fast, so he won’t blaze past anyone on the football field.

The LA Rams roster is rather saturated in terms of smallish offensive skill players competing for a special teams role ( WR Brandon Powell, WR Tutu Atwell, RB Raymond Calais, Jake Funk). That is a tough group to leapfrog in time to make it to the team’s roster.

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What is there to love about Trammel

I like this move because it proves once more that the team remains focused on the top and bottom of the roster. Of course, Austin Trammel is not chasing down a WR1 role, but the Rams have a pretty solid receiver corps already.

Trammel may not be track-meet quick, but he is football fast. What’s the difference? Tutu Atwell is track-meet quick. Cooper Kupp is football fast.  Trammel is actually very similar to Kupp, an NFL mini-me version of Kupp.

Trammel has intense smoldering confidence, an indomitable will that will not break. He overcomes the lack of blinding speed with an incredibly savvy football strategy that sells mirage routes to defensive backs, allowing him to create separation and stretch the field.

Austin Trammel is a special teams specialist, averaging 22.4 yards per kickoff return, and 7.1 yards per punt return. While that is his college production, he got plenty of work in that role. The LA Rams may be pushing for stars to step up in special teams, but Trammel has the type of under-the-radar subtlety that can result in a surprise role on the team, perhaps a spot on the practice squad.