LA Rams rookie RB Kyren Williams has a lot of ground to make up

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

With just days to go before the LA Rams face off with their cross-town rivals, the LA Chargers, the team has some great news. Rookie running back Kyren Williams has been released from the PUP (Physically Unable to Perform) list, and has been taking on individual drills in training camp, building himself back to football strength, speed, and durability.

The path to even a rotational role for an LA Rams rookie is not a straight line. In many cases, it’s a series of steps forward followed by a step or two back. Some rookies never make it further than a practice squad roster spot. Others make it to the 53-man roster, only to get redshirted for the season.

I think I’m not overstating that anything less than a rotational role for rookie Kyren Williams this season is falling short of expectations. In fact, I think I’m simply stating the obvious. And that is why the next two or three weeks could be vital for the young running back’s NFL career.

He has to optimize his training camp drills like nobody’s business.

He’s got to work harder than anyone on the team right now.

Time for Kyren Williams to work

Now, it’s not a binary event. This is not a do it or else type of ultimatum. This is simply how the chain of events works for the LA Rams. The team is entering the period for three preseason games. Some young players will be competing for a roster spot. LA Rams RB Kyren Williams is assured of a roster spot.

He’s playing for the regular season playing time. He is trying to define where he lands in the team’s depth chart over the next three weeks. And, unfortunately, he has a lot of work to make up. He is in individual drills now. Soon, he will upgrade to group drills. And then to 11 on 11 drills. But he is not just out to demonstrate that he can do it. Not going forward. He has to prove that he can do it better than his teammates. And he has a lot of distance to cover.

I would not be surprised to see Williams in a minimal in the first preseason game or even not even play. I don’t know if he can show mastery of every task assigned to a running back in time to get playing time against the LA Chargers. But I do expect him to get a solid workload somewhere in the preseason.

The LA Rams need a much stronger running game this season. With Matthew Stafford fighting off arm soreness, the team will need to make a much stronger running game a priority this season. That could have repercussions across the roster. The NFL is a team sport, and the team may need to rally around Matthew Stafford if the pain in his throwing arm does not subside.

Stay tuned!

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