The fact that the LA Rams remain a very young team is mind-blowing

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Factor III: Coach ’em up

One of the purest raw benefits of the LA Rams surrendering first-round draft picks each year is that it has forced the team to redirect their OTAs and training camps from confirming what the top rookies already know to coaching up everyone. That is a huge difference and explains how the LA Rams are so effective at finding NFL starters consistently on Day 3 of the NFL Draft.

The LA Rams don’t stop there. This team has the ability to identify and sign up players who never hear their names called out during the NFL Draft, nor get an invitation to compete in the annual NFL Scouting Combine.

But they get the same attention from the LA Rams coaching staff as seasoned veterans, and not just casual interest. The Rams invest real coaching time and patience with the players. This is a franchise that understands the difference that one player’s success can make.  Perhaps more than that, this is an organization that understands that doing right by everyone is essential to ensure prolonged success.

Each year, graduates of the LA Rams ‘internship program’ enter their first NFL free agency market, and frequently sign multi-year NFL contracts for several millions of dollars. Why wouldn’t a young NFL hopeful who is confident in their ability to put in the hard work seek a chance to compete with the LA Rams for playing time? The proof that the Rams system works appears twice. First, it is clear during the next NFL Free Agency market. It appears once more as the NFL awards compensatory picks to the LA Rams the following year.