Despite Von Miller, LA Rams signing Odell Beckham Jr. seems inevitable

Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl 56 Cincinnati Bengals Vs La Rams
Mandatory Credit: Super Bowl 56 Cincinnati Bengals Vs La Rams /

The LA Rams are down a valuable wide receiver with the unfortunate injury to their projected third starting wide receiver, Van Jefferson. And as the team’s first iteration of the depth chart was unveiled this week, I can honestly say that the Rams offense has plenty of room for the return of Odell Beckham Jr. But the LA Rams are not the only team in the mix right now.

Former Rams and good friend of Odell Beckham Jr. Von Miller is campaigning hard for the team to sign OBJ. Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand that the Buffalo Bills want to be the best team in the NFL. But they have built their offense around Stefon Diggs, Gabriel Davis, Jamison Crowder, and Isaiah McKenzie. Even if the Bills have room on the offensive for one more receiver, you have to ask the most basic of questions: Does Odell Beckham Jr. make sense in their offense?

To fans, the answer will run along loyalties. But the question can only be answered by Odell Beckham Jr. At least for his fit for the Bills, that is.

The Rams Roster has room for OBJ

No such enigma will stump anyone projecting Odell Beckham Jr.’s fit with the LA Rams. The veteran wide receiver proved that he not only could play in the Rams’ offensive scheme, but he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he flourishes in it.  In eight games, the veteran put up 305 yards and five touchdowns. In 3.5 playoff games, he put up another 288 yards and two touchdowns. Is it anyone wonder the LA Rams continue to express interest in signing the guy?

Some have argued that it makes no sense to sign Odell Beckham Jr. Oh really? What about the first pass at the LA Rams’ unofficial depth chart?

In it, Ben Skowronek is the WR3. I’m not trying to say that Skowronek does not deserve opportunities. But the injury to Van Jefferson reveals the fact that the LA Rams show a significant decline from starters to the primary backups at the wide receiver position. After Van Jefferson, do the LA Rams have any receivers on the roster who can put up five touchdowns in eight games? Or who can be counted on in the postseason?

I am all for developing young receivers and giving them opportunities. But we know that the LA Rams are competing for Super Bowl rings this year, and OBJ was an integral part in helping the team win Super Bowl LVI.

If simply for no other reason, he should be part of the Rams roster that attempts to win Super Bowl LVII as well.

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