4 gotta fix takeaways from LA Rams first preseason game

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

III: Miscommunication in the secondary

It’s early and it’s expected, but the team surrendered an early touchdown that never should have been when Terrell Burgess and Russ Yeast II failed to communicate effectively. That early miscue allowed LA Chargers wide receiver Joe Reed an opportunity to run past the coverage and score an early 41-yard touchdown.

Each season, miscommunication among units that are very interdependent occurs in preseason games. It’s the first time where plays are not scripted, where the defense and offense must synchronize what the players see with their roles and responsibilities. It’s the first time that rookies see live action in the NFL, and it raises their need to process and act to the next level.

Rams game takeaways: Communicate

Inevitably, the preseason experiences will be replayed over and over in the video room. Players, young and old, will be instructed in what needed to occur, and everyone will emerge from the experience with a bit more in-game wisdom for the next time. For veterans, it’s one more opportunity to reinforce what they have learned over the years.

For younger players, it’s the first chapter of learning the NFL and will continue for the rest of their careers.

If you fear this is a harbinger of things to come, fear not. Jalen Ramsey, Troy Reed, Nick Scott, and the winner of the Taylor Rapp/Jordan Fuller contest will certainly have their communication set. But the Rams will need to get younger defensive backs prepared for the season, as they will be part of the team’s secondary this year.

Miscommunication is an area that I expected to show up in the first game, just as correcting it for the second game is expected. Overall, the secondary did a pretty good job, holding the Chargers to just 5.9 yards per pass on the night.