4 love-it takeaways from LA Rams first preseason game

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams preseason is well underway, and from what we witnessed in the team’s first outing, there is plenty to boast about, as well as plenty of work to do. Preseason games in terms of the wins and losses mean very little to the strength and preparedness of the team. But it does place a lot on display nevertheless.

The LA Rams competed in their first preseason game, a test of their depth against the depth of cross-town rivals, the LA Chargers. Due to the schedule rules, this first contest was played in SoFi Stadium as the Rams were the visiting team, and the Chargers were the home team, a pattern that will repeat itself in the regular season.

Good ole Rams football

If you like hard-hitting, fundamentally sound football, then you had to enjoy the Rams’ first preseason contest. Like a Thanksgiving Day feast, there were few memorable players or plays. But combined, the entire game was a bountiful and satisfying banquet of Rams football.  This was the type of game that, removing one or two outstanding playmakers, you still have to be impressed with the effort of the entire roster.

The Rams entered this one as an underdog, and for good reason. This is not only a team that sits all starters, but the team sits anyone who may play a key rotational role in the regular season. That translates into the team scooping the 30+ players off the top of the roster, and letting the remaining 50-60 players compete.

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While that may not sound like a winning strategy, it’s the strategy adopted by the Rams and one that other teams are adopting as well.  So what do we have for you on the banquet platter after the first preseason game? Grab a coffee and settle in. You’ll like this one, I think: