LA Rams 10 ‘home’ games happens for 1st time in almost 100 years

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

Are the LA Rams about to make NFL history once more? It appears that events are heading in that direction this year. You see, the NFL has not had a team play in 10 games at their home stadium in nearly 100 years. Well, that’s all about to change, at least in theory. You see, thanks to two factors, the Rams will compete in their home stadium, SoFi Stadium, on 10 different occasions this year.

And that, you see, is a bit of a rare phenomenon. It has not happened in nearly 100 years in the history of the NFL.  So what contributed to this rare event?

Two things, actually. The LA Rams, as must all 32 NFL teams, must now play a grueling 17-game regular season. That has compelled the NFL to assign the extra home game to AFC teams and NFC teams in alternating seasons. The AFC benefitted from nine home games in 2021. Now, it’s the NFC’s turn to enjoy the extra home game in the 2022 NFL schedule.

But that still leaves the Rams one home game shy of a ten-home game season. So what is the other factor?

Well, that is easily explained, thanks to the team’s arrangement of time-sharing their games with AFC West’s LA Chargers. Since the Rams must face the LA Chargers on the road this year, the game will equate to a road game in which the LA Rams will compete in the same stadium as their home games. That will mean that the Rams will, on paper, be the road team, but will actually play in their home stadium for 10 regular season games.

That’s a huge coup for the LA Rams, who now have a golden opportunity to enjoy an unprecedented number of NFL games at SoFi Stadium in support of the defending Super Bowl Champions.

Ten home games in the regular season. If the Rams get the top seed in the NFL playoffs, that will ensure at least two more games played within the friendly confines of SoFi Stadium. That’s a lot of neighbor NFL football.

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