LA Rams defensive lineman Bobby Brown III injury update

Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

LA Rams defensive lineman Bobby Brown III recorded one of two quarterback sacks in the Rams’ first preseason game. But during the game, his ankle was rolled up on by an offensive lineman, and he was in clear pain and agony as he needed to be helped off the field. It looked bad at the time. But sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

The initial assessment of Rams DT Bobby Brown III was provided by LA Rams head coach Sean McVay in a post-game video conference. The initial response was that the X-Rays showed no fractures and that the assessment showed up a bit on the positive side of the spectrum of possibilities. (see video below 0:00 – 0:45)

Post-game reports have since arrived, confirming that Brown suffered a lateral ankle sprain that will not require surgery. The Rams’ second-year defensive lineman dodged a bullet.

That is very good news indeed, as that suggests that the injury itself will be fully healed by the time that his six-game suspension is lifted. The fact that the injury does not require surgery suggests that the severity of the injury is no worse than a partial tear of the ligaments. Those types of injuries typically heal in 3-6 weeks, and that falls well within the span of his current suspension.

We don’t have a lot of data about Brown so far, but he appeared to be a wrecking ball for the LA Rams when he played in his lone preseason game against the Chargers. In a rotational role, he emerged with two tackles and a huge quarterback sack for the Rams.

On the downside, that will be all that we’ll see from Brown before mid-October. On the upside, that will afford greater opportunities for players trying to make this roster like Elijah Garcia, Earnest Brown IV, and Jonah Williams.

The Rams roster continues to be a huge battle at many key positions. Stay tuned.

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