Time for concern over LA Rams rushers durability issues

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams have not gotten to the regular season, and neither running back Cam Akers nor running back Darrell Henderson Jr. have played in anything close to an NFL contest just yet. But it seems like the Rams have picked up right where the team left off last year. The Rams committed to an entire running back group with durability concerns.

Now, less than a month from the NFL season’s opening kickoff, the team’s two top running backs are banged up, suffering from soft tissue injuries. Is this something that could have been avoided? Well, if you want to dabble in the wudda, cudda, shudda realm of second-guessing, then certainly. But the Rams now must deal with the reality that they have committed to two players who they plan to depend upon to run the football who may not be entirely dependable.

That’s a bit concerning as the team is so close to a 17-game regular season. Who can the team count on then, if the team cannot count on any running backs now?

LA Rams roster: Running backs’ concern returns

Forget the signs of both players coming off injuries, nor the fact that neither young player has remained healthy for a full NFL season. Let’s gloss over the fact that the team put up no fight whatsoever to retain the most dependable running back from the 2021 NFL season. The Rams have painted themselves into a bit of a corner right now. So, what can the team do to emerge in 2022 on the plus side of a ground game?

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The LA Rams cannot be pleased with current developments. The team allowed veteran RB Sony Michel to walk, drafted a young runner out of Notre Dame who is already on rehab, and now is managing the workload of their top three running backs. That’s not a good track record before the season ever starts.