What former LA Rams player(s) still needs a team?

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Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /

As the NFL season’s Week 1 slowly approaches, what former LA Rams player(s) still needs a team for the 2022 season? Former Rams wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr is the biggest free agent on the market and is showing interest among many NFL teams. Well, many teams have shown interest in signing him. The belief that he will be able to play on or about November 2022 persists, and that has made him a prime target for players who want to win.

Another former LA Rams veteran, OLB Von Miller, has been among the most outspoken players pushing for Von Miller to sign with the Buffalo Bills. His teammate, WR Stefon Diggs, is now in the news lobbying for OBJ as well.

Even though OBJ is the biggest name in the free agent market, his health is still a big risk for many teams. During the second quarter of Super Bowl LVI, OBJ tore his ACL making him miss the majority of this upcoming season. With his health in question, what team would take a risk on Beckham this year?

Can OBJ stay with the Rams?

According to the NFL official website, Beckham and the Rams have a mutual interest in the wideout potentially returning to the Rams and have since March 2022. Even though LA Rams wide receivers Cooper Kupp and Allen Robinson are the Rams’ clear number one and two wide receivers, the Rams are still lacking some talented veteran depth at the wide receiver position.

The team’s wide receiver group took a hit when news of another wide receiver, Van Jefferson, suffered a knee injury. The uncertainty of Jefferson’s ability to return now projects him to miss a few weeks because of a knee procedure.

As of now, Beckham is not expected to return to action till November, but I am sure a team will scoop him up right before a playoff run. OBJ was very productive with the Rams, catching 27 passes for 305 yards and five touchdowns over eight games in the second half of 2021. In many games, Beckham was used as a decoy to open up room for Cupp and Jefferson. The Rams sparked OBJ’s fading career and I believe Beckham is extremely loyal to the Rams. If the Rams can’t nail down a deal, where would OBJ end up?

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Other landing spots for OBJ

If the Rams decided to wait for the season to shape out, what other teams might be interested in the talented wide receiver? Two teams come to mind, and they are the Green Bay Packers and the Buffalo Bills.

The Packers are looking to bring in some veteran experience to go along with their young wide-receiver group. The problem is that I don’t think the Packers are willing to spend the money that OBJ is looking for. OBJ can do some damage with Rodgers as his QB, but OBJ has to be willing to take a pay cut if he wants to play with the former MVP. The upside, of course, is the fact that OBJ could end the season as the Packers’ top wide receiver.

The Buffalo Bills have been showing interest in OBJ, as former teammate, Von Miller has been actively trying to recruit his ex-teammate. OBJ can complement Stefon Diggs nicely in the Bills passing attack, but I think the Bills are playing the waiting game. It appears that the Bills want to see how healthy OBJ is before making an offer.

If the Rams can’t sign the former pro bowler, look for the Bills to scoop him up. If OBJ joins the Bills, can he put them over the hump and get them to the Super Bowl? As of now, OBJ has to play the waiting game to see what team he will play for in 2022.

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