Montana State serving up great football talent to LA Rams roster

Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports /

If you look on the map, there really seems to be no reason for anyone associated with the LA Rams organization to spend much time focusing on Montana State University. The school resides in the southern section of Bozeman Montana. The school is a rather impressive scholastic institution, a learning site for some 12,000 undergraduate students, compared to the city of Bozeman’s population of 48,000 (2021).

It’s a charming community, a population center that is nestled just to the north of Yellowstone National Park and located on multiple exits of Interstate 90.  While it may appear to be a sleepy little community, it is simply an eddy away from the hustle and bustle that many describe as a rat race.

At Montana State University, you find yourself amidst the northern Rocky Mountains and find yourself less bombarded by social events and happenings, and more in control of how you choose to fill your day’s activities.

Thankfully, many young men who attend Montana State University choose to compete in collegiate football. Right now, the LA Rams are grateful that both outside linebacker Daniel Hardy and wide receiver Lance McCutcheon made that choice.

The secret sauce for the Montana State University Bobcats football program is a simple and basic principle. You have to want it to find it, and two ex-Bobcats football players: Outside linebacker Daniel Hardy and wide receiver Lance McCutcheon, certainly want it.

Both players have shown up to the LA Rams team with little to no fanfare. But after rolling up their sleeves, getting to work, and showing up in a big way in training camp and in their first NFL preseason game, their stock is rising rapidly.

Some young NFL football players rely upon the coaching staff to motivate them to put up their best efforts. But so far, neither Hardy nor McCutcheon has needed a kick in the pants to put forth their best effort. In fact, they have been two of the more positive stories on the LA Rams roster so far this season.

Will both make the Rams roster? That’s a hard call, but the truth is that both players are trending in that direction. Perhaps more importantly, their work ethic and surprising NFL success will ensure that the LA Rams organization makes regular stops to scout the Bobcats football team in the future. Unfortunately, my guess is that other NFL teams will be scouting their team far more aggressively as well.

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