3 objectives as LA Rams QB John Wolford is fixin’ to take on Texans

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The LA Rams have ratcheted down their quarterback depth to three players. Thankfully, that will mean the team will feature backup quarterback John Wolford in the first half of the upcoming preseason game against the Houston Texans. For the first time in two seasons, the preseason will showcase the skillsets of LA Rams backup quarterback Wolford, who is slated to get one-half of work with the team’s offense.

And I’m all for it.

Think of it this way, whether or not you believe that there is value in preseason work, it’s one more opportunity for players to compete at the closest NFL game level before the regular season. And for me, the opportunity for the key offensive player to continue to build chemistry, timing, and instincts over his own play as well as that of his teammates is a plus.

Fixin’ to tackle the Texans

John Wolford, like any young NFL player, deserves the opportunity to warm up for the upcoming NFL season.

We’ve seen the Rams’ offense operate efficiently under the direction of back quarterback Bryce Perkins. So why not get John Wolford onto the field as well and get him into the rhythm for the 2022 NFL season?

Despite some narratives that describe Rams quarterback John Wolford as only having NFL experience in the 2020 season finale, a win over the Arizona Cardinals, and an early start in the NFL Playoffs against the Seattle Seahawks, the truth is that Wolford played late in several games for the Rams in 2021. Unfortunately, those outings did not deliver hoped-for performances from the young man.

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The LA Rams may not have been delighted after the Seattle Seahawks knocked John Wolford senseless in the NFL Playoffs, but trying to bubble wrap Wolford and keep him out of the 2021 preseason games felt overprotective at a minimum. It was downright foolish at a maximum. Was the gap so great between Perkins and Wolford that Wolford has plenty in the vault to abstain from competing in preseason games?

I don’t think so. In fact, I would have preferred at least one half of work for Wolford last year after the team released Devlin Hodges, if for nothing else than to tune him up for the 2021 NFL season.