Which LA Rams rookies should be on your radar against the Texans?

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Okay, you are all set with a stocked fridge/cooler and want to get the most out of the lone LA Rams preseason home game. The only problem comes down to trying to figure out: Who should you look for in Game 2 in terms of rookies who have a chance to stand out? After all, these LA Rams are fairly well-stocked with talent.

Well, if you don’t have an immediate response to that question, don’t fret. The Rams have infused a significant number of young players into their 2022 roster, and the preseason is their opportunity, perhaps lone opportunity, to get some of their play into the view of fans and other NFL teams, and perhaps create some buzz or even attract interest if they are unable to make the Rams roster.

Rams roster bursting with young talent

The LA Rams have to be tickled pink over the performance of their young players so far. In the past seasons, there has been a divide among the players who were likely to continue on with the team, and those who were likely to get off and the next wave of roster cuts. But this year, that divide is fuzzy. The good thing is that it’s not due to a lack of talent, but an overabundance of it this year. That makes coaches smile and decisions very difficult.

While the rookies on the LA Rams roster are not the only demographic that is providing unexpectedly robust competition for a roster spot, the fact that this is their first year in the NFL makes their performances the most difficult to detect and appreciate in real-time as the game is being played. So here is a legend of some of the names and jersey numbers of rookies who may be making plays in Game 2.

As the LA Rams shut down training camp, you can see the joy in LA Rams head coach Sean McVay’s face.

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So who is fighting for their roster lives? Who should you be looking for during the Texans game for highlights? Here is our suggested cheat sheet for players to keep a lookout for in terms of LA Rams rookies: