Which LA Rams rookies should be on your radar against the Texans?

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Offensive line

Logan Bruss – Jersey #60 – While there is no doubt that rookie Logan Bruss will make the team’s roster, his opportunity to see a larger role this season could hinge on his preseason performance, and how quickly he improves in both pass and run blocking. He will likely line up at either offensive guard position

A.J. Arcuri- Jersey #61 – A.J. Arcuri is the ‘other lineman’ added to the Rams roster during the 2022 NFL Draft. So far, he’s been getting work at the offensive tackle position. Keep your eye on this guy, because he is getting smoldering positive reports about his ability and work ethic.

Jack Snyder – Jersey #65 – If you want a wildcard option to keep an eye on against the Houston Texans, keep your eyes trained on Jack Snyder whenever he enters the game. He is competing for a backup offensive center role, and he’s already put up some good video in Game 1 against the LA Chargers. He is the lone undrafted rookie offensive lineman on the team right now. If he can hold his own against the Texans, he could sneak onto the practice squad this year.

Offensive skill players

Lance McCutcheon – Jersey #82 – Of course, undrafted rookie wide receiver Lance McCutcheon was bound to appear on this list. But now that we know he can catch the football in the endzone and in traffic, it’s time to keep your eyes on him for the other WR tasks. Can he block? How crisp are his routes? Can he create separation? How does he handle a play with his QB under pressure? Game 2 will tell quite a bit about McCutcheon’s chances.

Kyren Williams – Jersey #23 – While we may or may not see RB Kyren Williams play in Game 2, we have to approach this game as though he will get his share of work in the Rams backfield. So what should you look for? The young man is starting to work for the Rams, so it’s more than how many yards gained running with the football. How well does he block? Does he execute good fakes if he is not carrying the football? Can he run routes, create separation, and add yards after the catch? He’s a blank slate, so anything to check some boxes is a positive development.

Roger Carter – Jersey #49 – The buzz about the Rams adding Roger Carter to the roster was his basic versatility. He was a fullback/tight end/power back from his college football days, and that is such fertile ground for the LA Rams right now. The Rams not only need help at the tight end position but what a difference having a lead blocker involved in the running game would make. Carter was not involved in the Rams’ offense against the Chargers. I’d love to see him involved against the Texans.