3 “Not too late” options for LA Rams at running back

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LA Rams Free Agency Alfred Morris
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Option III: Veteran RB Alfred Morris

The belief that an effective running back must be the player who can put up 120+ yards per game and 1400+ yards per NFL season is a bit antiquated. After all, the LA Rams have been a very successful football team, but even this productive offense has not boasted a 1000-yard rusher in the past three years.

Perhaps it’s the legacy of the LA Rams, a team that seemed to be stuck on the ground in the former Head Coach Chuck Knox era, while other teams were taking to the skies. It was that commitment to running the football that earned Coach Knox one of the most memorable nicknames in NFL history, “Ground Chuck.”

LA Rams Coach McVay knows Alfred Morris

The legacy of LA Rams head coach Sean McVay is steeped in the modern passing era of the NFL. But his past life as offensive coordinator of the Washington Commanders overlapped the career of running back Alfred Morris, a veteran running back who is currently a free agent.

Alfred Morris could be a good ‘get’ for the Rams. For starters, he is a savvy veteran rusher who would be more than happy to reunite with his former head coach to contribute. While he is just 5-foot-10, he does tilt the scales at 222-pounds, and he has enough NFL experience to line up just about anywhere and perform just about anything asked of him.

Star potential? Probably not. But he offers the option to step in and step up to be a cameo starter, a rotational running back, and even a block-centric fullback. He can block, run, and catch. He may not bring the potential upside of some other options, but he brings none of the downsides either.