3 “Not too late” options for LA Rams at running back

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LA Rams Free Agency Kenyan Drake
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Option II: Veteran RB Kenyan Drake

The LA Rams could look to gamble on a running back out of Las Vegas by the name of Kenyan Drake. While the young powerful running back has never played for the LA Rams nor for Coach McVay, he did play for the Arizona Cardinals and was a rather effective rusher in the NFC West.

Drake is about to play for his fourth NFL team in six seasons. The reason he has been such a migratory bird (pun intended) is that he offers enough to sign on for a significant contract, but whether the offense changes direction, another less costly player steps up, or simple injury, the attractive plumes molt, and the team opts to go in a different direction.

Of course, as soon as the news broke, the chatter began. Rams fans know and recognize the powerful and determined running style of Kenyan Drake, and are more than open to any likelihood of getting that type of production replanted into the Rams offense this year. And in many ways, it could make sense.  Drake is a high-usage running back. Either he is carrying the football, and averaging 4.0+ yards per rush in the process, or he is a willing and very effective receiver out of the backfield.

What I like about this option is that Drake is capable of running either as the starter or as a supporting running back. And he has been rather effective on three different offenses. While he is not a rusher who will force defenses to focus exclusively upon him, he does boast enough versatility to create some nightmare matchups for opposing defensive coordinators.

He is a bit too recognizable though. The Rams’ pattern of reinforcing their running back depth has trended towards less recognized rushers. The sense is that Drake may seek a larger role in the offense than the Rams are willing to commit to, and that could be enough to have the Rams look elsewhere.