3 “Not too late” options for LA Rams at running back

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LA Rams Free Agency Malcolm Brown
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Option I: Veteran RB Malcolm Brown

If the search for a suitable running back via Rams free agency, then we could consider the candidacy of Alfred Morris as too late in his career, and that of Kenyan Drake as too soon in his career. Much like the nursery rhyme Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, the search overshot and undershot. So the third option ought to be about right, right?

Why not get the band back together? The Rams’ 2020 offense was a solid group effort and was one of the more effective versions of the rushing attack under Coach McVay.  The secret was the simple fact that the Rams had three dissimilar but complementary rushers in the backfield. We know that rookie Cam Akers was a tough runner who could rush to the edge as effectively as between the tackles.

Darrell Henderson Jr. was far more effective attacking the perimeter, or becoming a secondary target in the passing game. Malcolm Brown, therefore, was the guy who focused on running between the tackles, and short yardage plays but is a deceptively effective receiver as well. And he is available too.

If there is such a thing as a plug-and-play option for the LA Rams offense, Malcolm Brown would be the face posted on milk cartons for that player. While he may have thought that the grass is greener in NFL free agency, his detour to the Miami Dolphins resulted in a steep decline in his production and a not-so-hot fit. Could he return and reclaim a roster spot with the Rams?

Perhaps or perhaps not. But he does make sense to at least stash on the team’s practice squad to have at the ready for any unfortunate turn of events this season.

Are you warm and fuzzy about the LA Rams running back situation right now? Neither am I. The three Rams’ free agency signings work if the team commits a minimal one-year contract to give the team some healthy options for a position that appears to be committing to three players who are coming off rehab.

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