LA Rams vs. Bengals Round II: Who dey? What dey saying?

Los Angeles Rams At Cincinnati Bengals Joint Practice Aug 24 0072
Los Angeles Rams At Cincinnati Bengals Joint Practice Aug 24 0072 /
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The LA Rams faced the Cincinnati Bengals in Super Bowl LVI and emerged with a dramatic come-from-behind victory to claim their first NFL Championship for the city of Los Angeles in the modern NFL Super Bowl Era. The LA Rams hope to repeat that same finish this year and appear to have the horsepower to do so.

But as is often the case, the Rams must face old demons. In this case, it’s the Cincinnati Bengals, in the team’s third and final preseason game. But rather than just wade into this third and final preseason game without any warning, we’ve been in touch with Stripe Hype, our FanSided sibling that covers the Cincinnati Bengals, and learned that contributor Lee Metzger was more than happy to talk to us about the upcoming preseason game, and about the Bengals upcoming 2022 NFL season as a whole.

Rams News: Bengals scrimmage prepares starters

The great part of this storyline is the fact that the LA Rams use these intrasquad opportunities to scrimmage and get their starters up to speed in preparation for the upcoming 2020 NFL season. And to that end, the LA Rams have to be pleased with the work they are getting, and the results so far.

The LA Rams have a lot of work to accomplish this week, and it appears that the players and coaching staff are wasting no time getting right to it. Since the LA Rams do not play starters nor key rotational players in preseason games, these intrasquad scrimmages have become vital to ensuring that both starters and key contributors are prepared for the upcoming season.

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But what of the Bengals? What do they have in store this season? Believe it or not, the AFC North is not nearly as fierce this year as years past, or so we learn on the next slide: