LA Rams Sean McVay-Jay Gruden combination is huge for NFL

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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The LA Rams have hired former Jacksonville Jaguars offensive coordinator Jay Gruden as a consultant. On paper, it’s a minor detail, one more NFL coach throwing his perspective and wisdom into the Rams’ brain trust. Much like the fictional Borg from Star Trek, the LA Rams coaching staff operates like a collective, an aggregate summation of the various perspectives of each and every coach on the staff.

And it’s that willingness to develop coaches to assume much greater roles, frequently with other NFL teams, that has made the Rams one of the cherished and premium spots to hire on as one of the NFL or NCAA sharpest football minds and hottest names.

But that steady annual depletion takes a toll on the remaining coaches, who must circle the wagons each year, regroup, and onboard a new wave of positional coaches. The LA Rams just won Super Bowl LVI. If these LA Rams repeat as Super Bowl Champions, and it could happen, NFL teams will certainly have multiple Rams coaches and coordinators on speed dial, eager to interview and make offers to anyone who has worked with McVay in the past.

Rams collaboration just leveled up

So the Rams need to be a bit proactive. To do that, the organization needs to give head coach Sean McVay some support. Who better than his former head coach, the man who promoted McVay to become the offensive coordinator for the Washington Football team?

Consultant? A great role for Jay Gruden. Now, what does it mean?

Well, it is one more example of the LA Rams thinking outside of the box, a hire that proves that the Rams organization is about adding intel to their team from practically any viable source. Much like the hiring of Andy Benoit as a football analyst, adding Gruden as a consultant gives this team one more pair of objective eyes.

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You can bet that the relationship and friendship that has developed over the years between Rams HC Sean McVay and now Rams consultant Jay Gruden is one that will survive the test of time.

Why Gruden? Why now?