Shutting down latest LA Rams rumors: No Andrew Whitworth to Cowboys.

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The LA Rams are embroiled in another viral social media matter, but this is not one of their own makings. After the Dallas Cowboys learned that offensive left tackle Tyron Smith would be lost to them due to a season-ending injury, fans and some NFL analysts put two and two together and decided that the only logical scenario would be for the Cowboys to reach out to Andrew Whitworth and see if he would take over at the position.

Another LA Rams rumor? Yes, and all that was required is a former Rams player, Andrew Whitworth, to be linked to the Dallas Cowboys football team. So let’s peel through this onion.

For starters, there is no available free agent or former player who has better qualifications than Big Whit. He was a starting offensive left tackle until retirement. And there is the rub. He is retired. Still, the Rams rumor of Whitworth to the Cowboys makes sense in a weird supply versus demand sort of way, right? Of course, it doesn’t help that the narrative was pushed by Pro Football Talk:

And then this rather loaded question during an interview of Andrew Whitworth. That unto itself was enough to stir a rather hungry Cowboys fan base into a feeding frenzy.

Hey, it makes sense right?

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The Cowboys fans are huge consumers of social media anything, so a click-view-driven sports model flourishes if there is any reason to poke, prod, or agitate their fans. The loss of their starting offensive left tackle is an obvious concern to their fans, particularly when their hated rivals, the Philadelphia Eagles, have had one of their better offseasons and appear to be in a solid position to compete for the NFC East Division title.