Shutting down latest LA Rams rumors: No Andrew Whitworth to Cowboys.

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LA Rams Rumors Andrew Whitworth
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Why it won’t happen

In the land of make-believe, anything is possible, right? But we are talking about the rules and regulations of the NFL, a rather lucrative but heavily regulated professional sport that pays particular attention to the comings and goings of NFL stars: Past, present, and future.

Andrew Whitworth may have hung up his cleats, stored his shoulder pads, and reequipped himself in a suit and microphone for the next chapter of his professional career, but he retired from the LA Rams and is under contract with the LA Rams. Much like Tom Brady’s retirement and then unretirement which kept him under contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Andrew Whitworth remains under contract with the LA Rams regarding any interest in playing in the NFL.

And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

So what are the rules about any NFL team showing interest in Andrew Whitworth, or any retired NFL player? For that answer, we go to the best source available, Big Whit himself:

So it’s not a matter of anyone associated with the Dallas Cowboys simply ringing up Andrew Whitworth and making him an offer over the phone. That would be tampering, and the Dallas Cowboys are surely smart enough not to complicate challenges with their roster by flagrantly disregarding the rules governing tampering with players contracted with another team.

That won’t stop the hopes, and whispers, of fans who want it to be so. But in terms of any traction? It’s not going to happen, folks. Don’t take my word for it. Just reach out to Mrs. Mellissa Whitworth, and she will be more than happy to set you straight.