Shutting down latest LA Rams rumors: No Andrew Whitworth to Cowboys.

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The fallout

So let’s shut it down now. This one never needed to get off the ground, but Cowboys fans tend to read what they want to read at times, and this is certainly a very emotional time for the players, the coaches, and the fans. And then there are the unscrupulous efforts of some sites to feed that type of frenzy in a way that obscures fictional scenarios with developments that may take place.

Right now, Andrew Whitworth is learning the ropes of becoming an NFL celebrity. He is an honest straight-shooter, a man whose word has equated to his reputation in the backdrop of being a highly-respected NFL player, who is finding his way where words are taken out of context, webs of new narratives are spun and respun, and the stories that fans are exposed to are nothing like the true statements that Andrew Whitworth stated.

In the end, the folks at Pro Football Talk misrepresented the original story and then doubled down by suggesting that it was Andrew Whitworth, and not Pro Football Talk, who was trying to walk the story back due to the implications that the Dallas Cowboys organization was guilty of tampering.

It’s a non-story. But it’s trending on Twitter and Google. So on behalf of a player who has done so much for the LA Rams organization and the Rams fanbase, we felt obliged to put this story out there to clarify facts from fiction.

Andrew Whitworth has protected the blind side of LA Rams quarterbacks with incredible proficiency for the past five NFL seasons. So we won’t hesitate to jump in to protect his blindside whenever necessary.

The Dallas Cowboys may be in the market for an offensive left tackle. But don’t look for Big Whit to don the star.

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